Naira.com is a one-stop financial service platform that offers seamless opportunities to make payment, purchase airtime, send and receive money, apply for educational finance and receive financial advice. It is accessible via native apps on IOS and Android, as well as via a web and mobile site. The Naira.com site and apps has been up since 2017 and we have built a base of 20,000 registered users through word of mouth growth. Naira.com offers a wide range of financial services that are already on offer in conventional banking apps.


What Naira.com Provides

  • com provides secure, reliable and innovative Internet-based payment solutions. Our mission is to help facilitate payments with utmost ease and security.
  • com provides you every Payment related solution and is available to individuals, merchants, and corporate entities. So, whether you are topping up phone airtime, buying goods online, sending money to family and friends, paying multiple vendors or simply just trying to get a hang of all your accounts on the go, you can count on us as your trusted partner.
  • Everything related to multi-party payments – including KYC collection and risk management are our specialty, so you can focus on your core business. We partner with you to take care of the details, protect you with our integrated fraud technology, and serve you with our full compliance and professional support team.

Naira.com is powered by ChamsSwitch limited, a subsidiary of Chams PLC. We are a CBN licensed payment and transaction switching company. We provide payment services for businesses, government, small business and large corporate.


Our Mother-Company

Chams group is made up of 4 subsidiaries and the parent company Chams plc. It is reputed for its remarkable expertise and experience in deployment of identity, transaction and payment systems in Nigeria and across Africa. ChamsSwitch leverages the Chams identity technology to provide its integrated fraud technology for security and risk management on Naira.com.

Naira.com offers;

  • Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Virtual Airtime Topup
  • Utility Bills Payment
  • Money Transfers
  • Generate & Accept Payment code
  • Refer and Earn