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4 Things to Know About Pelpay, Nigeria’s Payment Solutions Platforms For Businesses

In almost every type of commercial setting, whether at a sophisticated shopping mall or in an unstructured open market, digital payments from POS to USSD payment, bank transfers, etc. is major way transactions happen today. This is why every business today needs a reliable platform to manage all online payments and digital business transactions. PelPay is one of the fastest platforms for online payments in Nigeria and is designed to help businesses manage all forms of electronic payments. Here’s a quick look at the features of PelPay and how to open an account for your business.

What is PelPay?

Pelpay is a platform created by ChamsSwitch, one of Nigeria’s largest payment solutions & switch companies. PelPay is designed to provide business owners with a one-stop platform for all digital payment needs, allowing them to provide customers with the flexibility of multiple payment options like card payments, bank transfers, mobile wallet payments, QR code payments, etc.

PelPay Features

With various digital transaction methods enabled on the Pelpay platform, businesses that use PelPay ensure their customers have a seamless experience at the point of payment whether in-store or on an e-commerce website or mobile app. PelPay’s payment technologies offer impressive features like:

  • Transaction reporting
  • Fraud detection
  • Easy integration

Who Can Use PelPay?

Whether you run a small business, a startup or an established organisation, your business can leverage PelPay’s payment solutions as long as you receive electronic payment from your customers. With PelPay, your business can receive payment, not only locally but from anywhere a customer is in the world.

How to Open a PelPay Account

Ready to digitise your payment process? Opening a PelPay account is simple and easy:

  • Visit
  • Click the “Sign Up” button
  • Fill and submit the requested form

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