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    Multi-channel electronic payment platform

    Chams Payment™: A platform covering the entire value chain of electronic payments

    Our products and solutions offer a full range of features to support payments in a secure environment.

    Chams Payment™ orchestrates all aspects of payment processing for any type of transaction (withdrawal, payment, money transfer…), via any means of payment (debit card, credit card, prepaid card, e-wallet, m-wallet, and many others) and on any channel (ATM, POS, Mobile phone…), with any currency or via any payment scheme (Visa, Mastercard, UPI, RuPay…)

    Issuing Platform

    Chams Card Management™ makes it quick and easy to issue any means of payment (debit card, prepaid, e-wallet, and many others), domestic or international (Visa, Mastercard, China UnionPay and many others), allowing any type of transaction (withdrawal, payment, money transfer, and many others) and providing additional services with high value added: bill payments, mobile /prepaid cards top-up, loyalty programs, etc.

    Chams Instant Issuing™ allows instant issuing along with visual customization of any type of card (debit card, prepaid, and many others) from the different payment schemes (Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay International and many others). These cards are activated as soon as they are issued and can be used immediately, which is a strong selling point for end customers. This feature allows particularly quick replacement of stolen or lost cards and enhances a closer relationship with customers who are offered the possibility to customize their PIN code and appearance of their card within the institution’s branch, in just a few minutes.

    Chams Authorization™ allows the authorization of any type of multi-channel (ATM, POS, mobile phone and many others) transaction (withdrawal, payment, money transfer, and many others), domestic or international (Visa, Mastercard, China UnionPay and many others), for any means of payment (debit card, prepaid, prepaid, e-wallet, m-wallet, and many others) and taking into account pre-set payment limits and ceilings.

    Transaction Processing Platform

    Clearing & Settlement

    Chams Clearing & Settlement™ facilitates the automated and transparent transfer of the holder’s transactions to its bank account thanks to a complete management of the interbank clearing. The latter supports any payment method, any channel and any type of transaction.

    Dispute & Chargebacks

    Chams Dispute & Chargeback™ enables fast and transparent resolution of any type of electronic payment dispute – issuer, acquirer and interbank – thanks to efficient and automated management of the processing workflow: automatic allocation of litigation cases to investigators, possibility to automate processing standard dispute cases, decision support tools and automatic multichannel notifications to customers and operators.

    Switching Platform

    Chams Switch™ allows electronic transactions to be routed between payment acquirers, electronic banking centers and domestic and international issuing institutions via Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay International and many other standard interfaces. It is compatible with all types of transactions (withdrawal, payment, money transfer, and many others), any channel (ATM, POS, mobile phone and many others), and any means of payment (debit card, prepaid, e-wallet, m-wallet, and many others).

    Acquiring Platform

    ATM Acquiring

    To facilitate management of automated banking machines and reduce operating costs, Chams ATM™ offers centralized management of all types of ATM : multi-vendor, multi-lingual, multi-currency and for any payment instrument (debit card, prepaid, e-wallet, m-wallet, cardless and many others), both domestic and international via Visa, MasterCard, China UnionPay and many others.

    Mobile Acquiring

    Chams Mobile Gateway enables the end customer to transform their mobile phone, whether it is a simple mobile phone or a smartphone, into an advanced payment station that goes far beyond merely contactless payment at the merchant. They can also pay their bills, taxes and tickets online, access their banking services, top-up their mobile account and prepaid cards, or transfer money to their loved ones.

    Internet Acquiring

    Chams Internet Gateway offers a highly secure online payment platform regardless of the country or currency. It is a flexible platform interfacing easily with any type of website and facilitating any e-commerce transaction: purchase of goods or services, payment of invoices, tickets and taxes of any kind. It offers several languages and several modes of delivery and management of e-shopping carts. It interfaces with e-money networks to allow real time transactions and is compatible with the main internet payment systems.

    Merchant Management

    Chams Merchant Management allows to centrally manage the multiple POSs of retail chains and merchants of all types: retails, shops, markets, sales by tour, distance selling, internet sales, supermarkets and hypermarkets. The solution assists merchants through the various market regulatory changes and supports large volumes of transactions.

    3rd Party Payment

    Chams 3rd Party Paymentoffers a reliable and definitive solution to branch queues thanks to a wide range of electronic payment services for fines, taxes and invoices of all kinds: water, electricity, telephone and television subscriptions. These payments can be made on several channels (ATM, POS, mobile, internet and many others) with flexible payment methods allowing the inclusion of unbanked customers: cash, check, bank transfer and payment cards of any kind (debit, prepaid, e-wallet, m-wallet, and many others).

    Platform for Securing

    Transactions’ Authentication

    In response to the resurgence of electronic fraud and cybercrime, Chams Authentication™ enables strong end-user authentication for all types of Internet transactions (payment, money transfer, account consultation and many others), with any payment method (debit card, prepaid, e-wallet, m-wallet, and many others), and any channel (mobile phone, computer, tablet and many others).

    Risk & Fraud Management

    Chams Risk & Fraud™ protects holders, merchants and financial institutions against fraud on any type of transaction whatever the channel. The application allows proactive detection of holder and merchant fraud attempts for issuers and acquirers through advanced risk calculation algorithms based on the transactions history and comparisons with typical models of behavior of fraudsters. In case of fraud detection, it is possible to block the transaction automatically and to alert the customer, operators and electronic payment units in real time by sms, email, and many other channels.


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