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We are integrated with the four major telecommunications providers in Nigeria: MTN, GLO, 9MOBILE & AIRTEL. Through our virtual airtime portal, customers are able to top up their mobile phone credit automatically and seamlessly.
With a few clicks of a button, customers can fulfil payments for purchases and utility bills such as Power, Water, Tax, and Cable TV and Food court. Our payment platform accepts all major credit cards with an interface for tracking and monitoring transactions.

Bills Payment

Single Fund Transfer

With our secure funds transfer system, customers are able to send and receive money to family, friends and associates. Our Peer-to-peer transfer solution is constantly being evolved to ensure a safer and reliable customer experience on our platform. Money is received instantaneously in any designated bank account.
MailPay is a secure and convenient solution for all organisations, be it corporates, public sector, not-for-profits or Small & Medium-sized Enterprises. With MailPay, customers are able to make scheduled payments instantly through a secured email platform. Bulk payments are sent to a designated address e.g., which is accessible to exclusively verified individuals. We go to great lengths to guarantee the integrity of users and recipients.

Mail Pay

Bulk Funds Transfer

For most corporates and governmental organisations the scheduling and fulfilment process for bulk payments can be daunting and time consuming. With our Bulk Funds Transfer solution, you have a convenient and reliable option for sending money to multiple beneficiaries. Payments are credited to their bank accounts instantly, providing an excellent platform for payroll automation, salary payments and forms of multi-recipient transfers.
We provide a completely integrated solution for managing transactions across your constituents. We offer scalable, secure and flexible options across all our platforms to achieve a solution that will fulfil your diverse range of needs. Our public sector services include:
  • IGR collections
  • Bulk salary payments
  • Electronic payments to contractors and service providers
  • Remittance and payment collection services

Public Sector Services